Before popping that cap…

…take a few extra seconds to read Every Label, Every Time. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines often can provide quick relief for our symptoms. But feeling better starts with reading and following the medicine label.

3 Simple Steps To Safety

Labels contain important information about a medicine’s ingredients, dosing, warnings, and directions in order to help you use that medicine properly. Medications change and labels can be updated, so it’s important to read the label every time, even for medications you have used regularly. We created these 3 simple steps to help remind you.



And follow every medicine label, every time.

Reading the Drug Facts label is critical to understanding how to use OTC medicines correctly.

Ask your healthcare provider if you have questions.



The active ingredients in each medication.

  • Take only one medicine with the same active ingredient at a time.
  • Follow the labeled doses and do not take more than directed on the label, unless directed to do so by your healthcare provider.
  • Check the expiration dates of your medicines, disposing of expired medicines appropriately.



Your family and friends to read every label, every time.

Over-the-counter medicines are commonly a household’s first line of defense to safely and effectively treat common ailments. Make sure you and your loved ones understand how to use these medicines correctly.

The Facts

Wow! We found out some interesting stuff about how people read labels for over-the-counter medications. We shared the survey results below.

Other than acetaminophen, Americans don’t understand or recognize some of the most common OTC active ingredients.

The older we get, the less likely we are to read an OTC label—especially if over age 70.

Minorities take the time to double-check an OTC label: 60% of African-Americans compared with just 33% of Caucasians.

More Facts

About the Campaign

Every Label. Every Time. is an initiative developed by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, designed to educate consumers about the appropriate use of over-the-counter medicines and the importance of reading and following all medication labels.